Past exhibition

More Mies. 7th Krefelder Architekturtage
Mies Van Der Rohe and Art
Haus Esters, Haus Lange

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886 Aachen - Chicago 1969) is one of the 20th century's outstanding architects and designers, whose creations changed the whole architectural language in Germany, even in the USA. His idea of functionality, formal lucidity, materiality and technical innovation are present in all of his constructions, also in Krefeld. For the textile manufacturers Hermann Lange and Josef Esters he designed the houses Lange and Esters (1927/30) and for Verseidag the dye works building (1930/31).
The 7th Krefelder Architekturtage MORE MIES takes as its topic Mies van der Rohe's relationship to art. The architect designed exhibitions, created artist's studios and museums, and built houses for private art collectors like Hermann Lange and Josef Esters - all projects in which a lot of details had to be attuned to the presentation of artworks. Not infrequently the sight-lines in his open-structured spaces are defined by sculptures from Georg Kolbe or Wilhelm Lehmbruck, which also create striking accents.
The programme will be conducted mainly in German language.

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