The art education department invites you to actively experience the exhibitions in the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum and in Haus Lange and Haus Esters: sensually, creatively, critically and dedicatedly.

The offerings available from the art education department are especially targeted to all visitors: families, children, adolescents, adults and people with disabilities. You are welcome to observe art, to consider and talk about art and even to work artistically yourself.

Visit the rooms of the art education department on the ground floor of the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum, take active part in weekend workshops, at guided tours for families, at KunstImPuls events or at our various holiday offerings.

Schools and Kindergarten

Our program for schools and teachers is only available in German.

Our program for schools and teachers is only available in German.


Studio 2

Network effect
An interactive space for sound and experience between structure and chaos
by Christian Faubel

Kaiser Wilhelm Museum
25.11.2022 – 26.03.2023

In the course the exhibition ON AIR, Studio 2/CreativeLab will be open to visitors to experiment with sound and rhythm.

The Cologne-based scientist and artist Christian Faubel has developed the sound-installation Network effect especially for this venue. It consists of eight electromechanical sound generators that strike bells with mallets. Through their networking, the sound generators find an orderly interplay. The visitors can soften, interrupt, intensify and restore these connections. The resulting emergence and disappearance of rhythmic sound structures can only be perceived after a few beats. With a little patience, we learn to compose our own sound images. The perception of the acoustic changes finds expression in projections and drawing apparatuses that visualize the beat patterns. In the process, the visitors create drawings, which they can take home afterwards.

Christian Faubel was awarded a PhD from Ruhr University Bochum at the Institute for Neuroinformatics. After years of scientific work at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, he was appointed as professor for Smart Connected Products at the Cologne University of Technology in 2020. Fauble works as a scientist and artist at the interface of autonomous systems, neuroscience and design.

Architecture Guide HLHE

Click here for the media guide for everything to do with House Lange and House Esters. Immerse yourself in the history and architectural cosmos of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe with numerous illustrations, historical photos, drafts and comparative examples in 27 audio stations.

Made possible by: NEUSTART. Sofortprogramm für Corona-bedingte Investitionen in Kultureinrichtungen. Funded by Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien.

Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien
Bundesverband Soziokultur
NEUSTART Sofortprogramm


KunstImPuls is the Kunstmuseen Krefeld's monthly evening opening taking place on the first thursday of every month. Each evening has an exciting theme that corresponds to works from the collection or current exhibitions.

This event is made possible through the generous support of the Stadtwerke Krefeld (SWK) and the Sparkasse Krefeld.

Sparkasse Krefeld

Online-KunstImPuls in June

Online-KunstImPuls in May

Online-KunstImPuls in April

Online-KunstImPuls in March

February KunstImPuls

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Guided tours

You can book guided tours through all our temporary exhibitions and all thematic aspects of the collection, which we will gladly adapt to your wishes and group profile.

58 (1 hour) / 70 (1.5 hours) Euros on weekdays 70 (1 hour) / 82 (1.5 hours) Euros on weekends and holidays

We also offer guided tours in English and French: 18 Euros foreign language surcharge

Please note that guided tours must be booked at least a week in advance.

School classes can already be admitted to the museum at 9 a.m. from Tuesday to Friday when events with guided tours are book at least a week in advance!


Photo: Dirk Rose
Photo: Dirk Rose

Birthday parties

Why not celebrate your child's birthday in the museum for a change? The Kaiser Wilhelm Museum offers many exciting possibilities for such a party. Children can paint, do handicrafts and otherwise occupy themselves artistically in the spaces of the education department or in Studio 2 after taking part in special guided tours through the museum.

Children and teens

Our programs for children and teens are in German only. Please refer to the German homepage.

Photo: Dirk Rose
Photo: Dirk Rose
Photo: Dirk Rose
Photo: Dirk Rose



Photo: Dirk Rose
Photo: Dirk Rose

video series “Kunst mit Thomas” (German only)

Kunstvermittler Thomas Janzen stellt Werke aus der Sammlung der Kunstmuseen zum Mit- und Nachbasteln vor.