The art education department invites you to actively experience the exhibitions in the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum and in Haus Lange and Haus Esters: sensually, creatively, critically and dedicatedly.

The offerings available from the art education department are especially targeted to all visitors: families, children, adolescents, adults and people with disabilities. You are welcome to observe art, to consider and talk about art and even to work artistically yourself.

Visit the rooms of the art education department on the ground floor of the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum, take active part in weekend workshops, at guided tours for families, at KunstImPuls events or at our various holiday offerings.

Visit Studio 2 – the platform of the art education department on the first floor of the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum. The projects in Studio 2 change in parallel with the collection presentations and exhibitions in the museum. You yourself can become a protagonist here.


Studio 2

Nature Work. Studio 2 is an interactive platform in the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum whose projects shift with the exhibitions and museum presentations. It is currently accompanying the exhibition Mom, what is nature really?. Cooperation with the Krefeld Umweltzentrum, Kommunalbetrieb Krefeld AöR. Until May 5, 2019

The changes in nature caused by humankind, a central theme of the exhibition, becomes legible in the history of the Umweltzentrum (Environmental Centre) in Krefeld-Hüls. The grounds were used industrially until 1986. A wide diversity of fauna and flora could already be found there within several years of the plant’s closing. The grounds of the Umweltzentrum have served as an extracurricular learning site for all types of schools since 1992. Studio 2 has now transformed itself into a branch of the Umweltzentrum: The local history of the interleaving of nature, industry and culture can be experienced here along with the environmentally-oriented educational work of the Umweltzentrum, for example through a hearing memory game, a feeling box installation as well as a tree puzzle.

Schools and Kindergarten

Our program for schools and teachers is only available in German.

Photo: Dirk Rose
Photo: Dirk Rose

Guided tours

You can book guided tours through all our temporary exhibitions and all thematic aspects of the collection, which we will gladly adapt to your wishes and group profile.

58 (1 hour) / 70 (1.5 hours) Euros on weekdays 70 (1 hour) / 82 (1.5 hours) Euros on weekends and holidays

We also offer guided tours in English and French: 18 Euros foreign language surcharge

Please note that guided tours must be booked at least a week in advance.

School classes can already be admitted to the museum at 9 a.m. from Tuesday to Friday when events with guided tours are book at least a week in advance!

Photo: Dirk Rose
Photo: Dirk Rose

Birthday parties

Why not celebrate your child's birthday in the museum for a change? The Kaiser Wilhelm Museum offers many exciting possibilities for such a party. Children can paint, do handicrafts and otherwise occupy themselves artistically in the spaces of the education department or in Studio 2 after taking part in special guided tours through the museum.

Children and teens

Our programs for children and teens are in German only. Please refer to the German homepage.



Photo: Dirk Rose
Photo: Dirk Rose
Photo: Dirk Rose
Photo: Dirk Rose



Photo: Dirk Rose
Photo: Dirk Rose