Past exhibition

The Adventure of Our Collection I
Kaiser Wilhelm Museum

Assembled from the immense holdings belonging to the Kunstmuseen Krefeld, an unconventional staging of works will be on view in the exhibition spaces under the title The Adventure of Our Collection I. Dialogues between current, modern and older art – sometimes across the centuries – will make thematic and stylistic affinities visible; contemporary photographs from Düsseldorf demonstrate the significance of this renowned school and show the development of its various generations; applied art is contrasted with fine art; seemingly incongruous examples of painting pose challenges to our perception. Old friends like Claude Monet and Yves Klein, rediscoveries such as a work by Daniel Spoerri and numerous new pieces by Fabian Marcaccio, Alan Uglow, Thomas Schütte, Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle and many others are moving into new spaces.