Past exhibition

KWM Pure
Pre Opening
Kaiser Wilhelm Museum

The general refurbishment of the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum will at last be finished. On one weekend, visitors will be able to look at the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum in all its purity, still without the art. An extensive programme with numerous architectural tours, a panel discussion about old, new and renovated museum architecture, and plenty more, awaits you all. For the first time in around 40 years, Johan Thorn Prikker’s restored cycle Lebensalter (The Ages of Man) (1923) will be on view again. After this weekend the museum will close its doors again before presenting its collection from the Late Middle Ages to the present, six months later under the title The Adventure of our Collection I.

The pre-opening will be accompanied by a publication.

KWM PURE will take place as Baukultur by Marketing and Stadtentwicklung, city of Krefeld.