Past exhibition

Blaise Drummond
Haus Lange

Opening: Sunday, 18 October, 2009, 11.30 a.m.

Blaise Drummond (born 1967 in Liverpool, lives and works in Ireland) has occupied himself for many years with the relationship between nature and culture. This manifests itself in his work above all in the way he juxtaposes or interlaces architecture and landscape.
For his exhibition at Museum Haus Lange Blaise Drummond has come up with a wide-ranging scenario involving paintings, colour drawings, collages and objects. And apart from a series of new works he has also included an appreciable number of earlier pieces.

At the centre of the exhibition is a dead tree whose branches seem to be growing through the ceiling - in a reminiscence of Le Corbusier and simultaneously as an allusion to the dashed hopes of early Modernism. - Le Corbusier's programmatic, two-story building “Pavillion de l'Esprit Nouveau” (1925) featured a tree indoors that grew up into the outside world through the roof. - And yet these hopes live on in Drummond's paintings: those white spaces that open up between the architectural set pieces and their landscape equivalents offer the viewer welcome opportunity for reveries about living without bounds.

With his virtual and concrete mise en scènes, Drummond creates visual innerscapes which the beholder can negotiate in many different directions. Thus for instance the Locus amoenus is themed as a location where nature shows its affection for humankind. It is at this interface that Drummond's works operate.

A German/English catalogue will appear during the exhibition