Peter Angermann
Grandparents Picture

Four-colour silkscreen print on 300g “Alt Mainz” handmade paper
Paper format 50 × 70 cm
Print format 40 × 50 cm
Printed in 50 copies, signed, numbered
Printer: Rainer Michely, Künstlerischer Siebdruck, Nuremberg


Peter Angermann has created his Grandparents Picture specially for his retrospective at Museum Haus Lange 2013, taking a motif that he first realised in 2007 as a painting. Since 1976 Angermann has constantly returned to his ever-growing series of bear pictures - a by all means contemporary method for drawing closer to the seemingly outmoded subject of the family. His bear pictures are in fact depictions of humans in the guise of bears, which tell of family life. The forced idyll that Angermann brings into play opens up deep insights into the human condition - precisely because of its potential as kitsch.