Herbert Hamak

Pigment and binding agent on canvas
10 unique pieces, signed, numbered
Object format 15 × 15 x 18 cm
Published by Freunde der Kunstmuseen Krefeld e.V.
1,800 Euros (incl. 19% VAT)


The pigment that gives the colour to Herbert Hamak's green, shimmering opaque edition comes from the estate of an artist's colourman from southern Germany, which the artist bought up some time ago. Hamak adopted the pigment's original designation, “House Green”, as the title of these small one-off pieces which fascinate by their special use of colour. But the liveliness of these pictures does not arise solely from the colour body, for a major part is played by the space, the light and the viewer's vantage point.

Hamak manufactures his monochrome paintings according a particular method: the artist stirs colour pigments into a mix of wax and synthetic resins, and then pours the mass into a mould made of specially coated plywood. Before the mass has hardened and prevents any further alteration, the picture carrier is inserted into the mass - a common or garden canvas on a stretcher. The visual outcome is not completely predictable, because at first the picture remains hidden from the artist.

The edition was done to accompany the exhibition, which Hamak devised specially for Museum Haus Lange in 2010.