Koenraad Dedobbeleer
Explain It to the One Who Couldn't Care

Color offset print on 150 g Tatami, cover 240 g, 18 pages
Edition of 30, signed, numbered
Paper format 23 × 18.5 cm
Print format 20.3 × 13.5 cm
Printed by Casso Chrome, Waregem, Belgium
Published by Gevaert Editions, Brussels, Belgium
200 Euros (incl. 19% VAT)


The 2009 Mies van der Rohe Stipend recipient presents this limited photo edition that begs to be handled, to be unfolded and refolded in numerous and new ways. The edition succinctly visualises Koenraad Dedobbeleer's artistic approach: shapes taken from everyday objects, architectural details and sculptural forms. The images are often of objects found in public spaces and they create an interlocking network that can time and again be combined, recombined and shifted around. The edition, which stood as an artwork in his Haus Esters exhibition “Boredom Won't Starve as Long as I Feed It”, exemplifies how such shifts are never done in a straightforward manner in his work but instead create a network in which everything is connected to each other