The scholarly work carried out on the collection as well as on the extensive archive of written documents is one of the museum’s core tasks. Groups of works, including artist’s estates, are regularly studied in conjunction with research projects and exhibitions. Art historical research and public education go hand in hand here.

Provenance research

Provenance research generally characterises research on the origins of cultural goods. The investigation of the collection is of great importance for the Kunstmuseen Krefeld. The provenance of individual works is regularly carried out.


The first extensive inventory audit of the holdings of paintings in the Kunstmuseen Krefeld for the acquisition years 1946 to 1970

With the support of the German Lost Art Foundation, the Kunstmuseen Krefeld are taking part in an initially yearlong project devoted to an inventory audit of its paintings by means of systematic provenance research. This task is being carried out in the sense of the 1998 Washington Declaration with a view to artworks that were confiscated from persecuted persons during the Nazi era. The project investigates the provenance of the paintings acquired between 1946 and 1970. Major examples of classic modern art entered the collection at that time, largely acquired from German art dealerships. The objective of the research is to achieve as complete a chain of ownership as possible, initially for the holdings of paintings.