The Museum Shop in the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum is a site of stories and inspiration. Along with the catalogues, posters and postcards highlighting the masterpieces from the museum’s own collection, a completely new and unique assortment of products is being offered in the foyer of the museum on Joseph Beuys Platz. The collection of the Kunstmuseen Krefeld makes up the starting point for the new shop concept after the reopening.

From 1897, when the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum opened, to the mid 1920s, a rich treasure of applied art objects, advertising graphics, posters and assorted printed matter as well as Japanese prints and Art Nouveau artworks entered the collection. All of these works served as models for artists and the citizenry alike in the spirit of the reform movement in order to inform and ‘educate’ themselves about current international trends in the field of design. Impulses went out from the museum at that time to bring artists like Peter Behrens and Henry van de Velde together with the local trade and industry.

This section of the collection supplied the patterns, motifs in addition to the inspiration for the products of the Museum Shop ranging from table accessories and textiles to stationery supplies and from small toys for children to limited high-priced editions. Pay us a visit!

The editions developed by artists in collaboration with the Kunstmuseen Krefeld are exhibited exclusively in the foyer of the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum.

The Museum Shop in the Museum Haus Lange on Wilhelmshofallee is oriented on the theme of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the architect of Haus Lange and Haus Esters, and the Bauhaus. Editions based on current exhibitions are on view in the Museum Haus Lange.

The product designer Jutta Schulz has developed and overseen the assortment in the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum.

The shop can be visited free of charge during the normal opening hours at the Kunstmuseen Krefeld.

The Museum Shop in the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum as well as in the Museum Haus Lange is operated by the Friends of the Kunstmuseen Krefeld.

Museum Shop
Sigrid Petz