Julius Klinger
Das Weib im modernen Ornament: Ein Vorlagenwerk für alle Gebiet des Kunstgewerbes, 1902
Portfolio of thirty color lithographs, each 33 x 40 cm
Baumgärtner, Leipzig, n.d.
Kunstmuseen Krefeld


The collection of the Kunstmuseen Krefeld embraces around 14,000 works from the fields of painting, sculpture, prints and graphic art, photography and the new media. The main thrust is directed to modern and post-war contemporary art, which is represented by works ranging from Abstract Expressionism and Zero to Pop Art, Minimal Art, Concept Art and Land Art - right on up to painting and site-specific works from the present day. The older holdings go back to the early modern era and include a broad collection of works from the Italian Renaissance, Japanese woodcuts, and even holdings from the Deutsches Museum für Kunst in Handel und Gewerbe", as well as paintings and sculptures from Classical Modernism. To this day, the collection's history is strongly coloured by the way the museums' exhibition practice and acquisitions policies mutually inform one another.

The exhibition Tailored for Freedom is reflecting the collection of the Kunstmuseen Krefeld by art works of the sections applied and fine art from around 1900.

First floor closed for setup for a new exhibition.

The two rooms installed by Joseph Beuys as well as the wall painting by Johan Thorn Prikker are permanent on view on the second floor of the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum.

Thanks to their new acquisitions the make for the museum, the Friends of the Kunstmuseen Krefeld e.V. and the Heinz and Marianne Ebers Foundation have a key role in keeping the collection abreast of the times.