The Department for Education and Communication accompanies the exhibitions and the presentations of the collection with a broad variety of events which, with public guided tours and a specially targeted programme, caters to all audiences and age groups. The spectrum ranges from activities for kindergartens and schools, to events outside the school framework for youngsters, families and silver citizens. Included are holiday courses, “Open Saturdays” for children, young people's art projects, family tours, silver citizen tours, the women's café, and much more.

It is the constant aim of the department to keep up with new developments and to extend its activities to new groups who may have found the idea of visiting the museum slightly remote. Thus for instance since 2008 the Kunstmuseen have offered regular tours round its current exhibitions for the deaf.

A further cornerstone of the art in education programme comprises longer-term projects and cooperations with schools and other educational institutions such as the VHS adult education college in Krefeld, or the city's youth theatre (KRESCH). The cooperation with special needs school in the region, which has been actively pursued for some years, has been given new impulse in 2008 by the project Wir sind Künstler. Förderschule goes Museum (We are Artists).

School / Kindergarten The Krefelder Kunstmuseen offer school classes and kindergarten groups special interactive tours and programmes for all of the exhibitions and for the permanent collection. This can be combined if required with a “hands-on” practical section.

Holiday Courses The art workshop is held during the Easter, summer and autumn holidays in the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum and/or the museums Haus Lange and Haus Esters. Various courses are offered, catering for children from 4 to 14.

Funtime at the Museum Once a month on a Saturday, the Kunstmuseen Krefeld present their “Funtime at the Museum” programme for kids from 5 to 12 - three hours of art and handicraft.

Children's Birthdays Why not celebrate your child's birthday in the museum for a change? Making playful acquaintanceship with the art of our times and creating little artworks of one's own in our hobby room make this afternoon in the museum one to remember. Such as when the children turn themselves into sculptures, or - depending on the subject - explore touch and feel objects or other practical means of creating new experiences.

More information on our special offers for children can be found on our German website or by sending an email to: Thomas Janzen